Daily Routine

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

  • Teachers plan and implement activities based on a weekly theme.
  • Our daily schedule starts with group time.
  • We incorporate: Music, art, stories, language arts, science and cognitive activities throughout the day. Children are scheduled time for self-directed activities, which include the cognitive centers, dramatic play, reading, science, large motor activities (such as building blocks) and small motor activities.
  • Children are provided time to play outside in the morning and afternoon. Socialization is a major part of child development and is promoted through interaction with peers.
  • Self-help skills are taught and considered important to building self-esteem in children.
  • And of course, snack, lunch, nap and potty time are crucial parts of our day too!
  • The hourly schedule is posted in the classroom. The schedule is flexible and subject to change. Lesson plans are posted in each classroom.
  • Outside services: We offer Tumble Bus weekly, a gymnastic experience for your child, along with Laura Roberts School of Dance. Both of these programs are located on this campus and children are supervised at all times. Occasionally we may be offering other programs such as Spanish or Piano, depending on interest and providers.

A Great Place To Grow

  • Large Secure Play Ground
  • Hands On Learning Environment
  • An Emergent/Play Based Curriculum
  • A Developmental Approach Incorporating Age Appropriate Academics
  • Transportation Available From Specific Schools
  • Promote Self Esteem Through Patience, Love & Understanding
  • Teaching The Award winning " Handwriting Without Tears" Program