Frequently Asked Questions


Do you potty train?

Yes we do! And we change diapers too 🙂

Do you allow parent involvement in the daily activities?

We are delighted to have parents volunteer. There are several times during the year that we arrange for special events and parent participation is welcome. We have an open door policy, parents are welcome at any time, for security reasons, you must check in with the office if you plan to visit.

Do you conduct conferences?

We schedule time for parents of children enrolled in our Pre-Kindergarten Readiness program. Parents with children of other ages can call to schedule a conference if you feel there is a need.

How do you stay in communication with parents?

We communicate through newsletters and daily contact with teachers. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your child’s teacher and/or please feel free to contact the office.

How do you handle other adults on the facility grounds?

Any visitor must be with a staff member if they are touring. All visitors must check in at the office for security purposes. Children are signed in and out daily; identification is necessary to take a child from the center.

What can I do to make the preschool experience a good one for my child?

  1. It’s best if your child can attend at least three days per week. This allows him/her to keep the routines familiar and comfortable.
  2. It is also very important that your child arrive on time on every scheduled day. Its very disruptive for the group and can be uncomfortable for your child to arrive at any other time.
  3. Encourage them to talk about their day, it lets them know you’re interested in what they do and can be a bonding tool between you and your child. Take a moment to read the lesson plan so you can initiate a conversation. Be sure your child understands that you think preschool is important and wonderful. What you think and believe is very important to your child.

A Great Place To Grow

  • Large Secure Play Ground
  • Hands On Learning Environment
  • An Emergent/Play Based Curriculum
  • A Developmental Approach Incorporating Age Appropriate Academics
  • Transportation Available From Specific Schools
  • Promote Self Esteem Through Patience, Love & Understanding
  • Teaching The Award winning " Handwriting Without Tears" Program